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Harris Technologies, Inc.
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Privacy Statement
We take your privacy seriously. Harris Tech has been in business since 1988 and we keep your communication with us private. We've never shared our customer information with anyone outside of our company. We will not share your email address or contact information with any third party unless required for legal purposes. We will only contact you in response to your inquiries to us or to notify you that a significant or major upgrade is available or that a closely related product is available.

Harris Tech was founded in 1988 by David and Patti Harris. Good sound has been our passion for many years. Our first product was BassBox, a loudspeaker enclosure design program for MS-DOS. Today we offer BassBox 6 Pro, BassBox 6 Lite and X•over 3 Pro for Microsoft Windows.

In 2007 we introduced "Locus", a focus and photo geometry calculator to help photographers accurately plan for and analyze their photos. For information, please visit our Locus website at www.ht-locus.com.

Our corporate website is located at: www.harristech.us.

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