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Links for Speaker Designers

Updated 09-Nov-2018

The links on this webpage are provided to help speaker designers locate additional resources. They are organized alphabetically into a few general categories. Please contact us if any of these links change or if you would like us to add an additional link related to speaker design.

Driver Manufacturers
Audio Measurement Systems & Components
Educational Organizations
Professional Organizations
Trade Shows

Driver Manufacturers*
*Note: Wherever possible, we have attempted to list manufacturers rather than distributors. In some cases a manufacturer's web site was unknown or unavailable. Also note that some manufacturers do not provide driver information on their web sites (but we include them in this list anyway in the hope that it will be made available in the future).


Accuton   www.accuton.com
Acoupower   www.acoupower.com
Acoustic Design Group (ADG) Inc.   www.arnscott.com
Acoustic Research (AR)   www.acoustic-research.com
Acústica Beyma, S.L. – see "Beyma" below
A&D Audio Co., Ltd   www.ad-audio.com
AE Speakers (Acoustic Elegance, LLC)   www.aespeakers.com
Alcone Acoustics (RCM)   www.alcone-acoustics.com
Alesis   www.alesis.com
Alphard Sound Technology ETP   www.alphard.pl/en/
Alphasonik, Inc.   www.alphasonik.com
Alpine   www.alpine-usa.com
Altec Lansing   www.altecpro.com
Alumapro   www.alumapro.com
American Bass   www.americanbassusa.com
Ample Audio   www.ampleaudio.com
Analog & Digital Systems (a/d/s/)   www.adst.com
Apex Jr.   www.apexjr.com
Arlen do Brazil   www.arlen.com.br
Ascendant Audio   www.ascendantaudio.com
ATC   www.atc.gb.net
Atlas / Soundolier   www.atlas-soundolier.com
Atomic Loudspeakers   www.atomicspeakers.com
Audax Industries   www.audax.com
Audes   www.audes.ee
Audio Concepts, Inc. (ACI)   www.audioc.com
Audio Pulse   www.audiopulse.com
Audiobahn   www.audiobahninc.com
Audiopipe   www.audiopipe.com
AudioQue (AudioQ)   www.audioque.com
AudioTechnology   www.audiotechnology.dk
Audison   www.audison.com
AuraSound, Inc.   www.aurasound.com
Aurum Cantus   www.aurumcantus.com
Autotek (Maxxsonics USA, Inc.)   www.maxxsonics.com/autotek
AVI Sound International Ltd.   www.avisound.com
B&C Speakers   www.bcspeakers.com
Babb Company   www.babbspeakers.com
Bazooka Mobile Audio (Southern Audio Services (SAS))   www.bazooka.com
Belisle Acoustics Laboratories (BAL)   www.tr.ca
Beyma (Acústica Beyma, S.L.)   www.beyma.com
Beston Technology Corporation   www.ribbonspeaker.com.tw
BG Radia Corporation   www.bgradia.com
Blaupunkt   www.blaupunkt.de
BMS Speakers GmbH   www.bmsspeakers.com
Bomber   www.bomber.com.br
Boss Audio Systems   www.bossaudio.com
Boston Acoustics   www.bostonacoustics.com
Bostwick   www.bostwick.com
Bravox S.A.   www.bravox.com.br
Bumper Industries, Inc.   www.bumperspeakers.com
Cabasse   www.cabasse.com
Cadence Sound Systems, Inc.   www.cadencesound.com
Cartronics   www.cartronics.com
Carvin   www.carvin.com
CDK International Inc.   cdkint.com
Celestion International Ltd.   www.celestion.com
Cerwin Vega Mobile   www.cerwinvegamobile.com
Ciare   www.ciare.com
Clarion Co., Ltd.   www.clarionmultimedia.com
CoDrive   www.codrive.com
CommonSense Audio   www.commonsenseaudio.com
Concept Car Audio Video   www.conceptcaraudiovideo.com
Coustic Car Audio   www.coustic.com
Critical Mass (Icon Enterprises International, Inc.)   www.criticalmassaudio.com
Crossfire Car Audio   www.crossfirecaraudio.com
Crunch (Maxxsonics USA, Inc.)   www.maxxsonics.com/crunch
Crystal Mobile Sound   www.crystalmobilesound.com
D.A.S. Audio S.A.   www.dasaudio.com
Davis Acoustics   www.davis-acoustics.com
Dayton Audio   www.daytonaudio.com
DC Audio (DC Sound Lab)   www.dcsoundlab.com
Debezt Audio, Inc. (DA)   www.debeztaudio.com
Diamond Audio Technologies, LLC   www.diamondaudio.com
Digital Designs   www.ddaudio.com
Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEI Audio)   www.directed.com
DLS Svenska AB   www.dls.se
Dragster (CARD S.p.A.)   www.dragster.ch
Dual Electronics   www.dualav.com
Dynasonic Ltd   www.dynasonic.gr
Dynaudio   www.dynaudio.com
Dynavox Electronics, Inc.   www.dynavox.com
Earthquake Sound   www.earthquakesound.com
Eclipse (Fujitsu Ten)   www.eclipse-web.com
Eighteen Sound   www.eighteensound.it
E.J. Jordan Designs   www.ejjordan.co.uk
ELAC Phonosysteme GmbH   www.elac.com
Electro-Voice, Inc.   www.electrovoice.com
Elemental Designs   www.edesignaudio.com
Elevation Audio   www.elevationaudio.com
Eminence Speaker LLC   www.eminence.com
ESS Laboratories (ESS LLC)   www.essspeakersusa.com
ESX, Inc.   www.esx.net
Eton   www.etongmbh.com
Expolinear Elektroakustik   www.expolinear.de
Faital S.p.A.   www.faitalpro.com
Fane International Ltd.   www.fane-international.com
Fi Car Audio   www.ficaraudio.com
Fisher   www.fisherav.com
Focal JM Lab   www.focal.tm.fr
Forgings Industrial Co., Ltd.   www.asiansources.com/forgings.co
Foster Electric   www.foster-electric.com
Fostex   www.fostex.co.jp
Fountek Electronics Co., Ltd   www.fountek.net
Fultron   www.fultron.com
Fusion Car Audio & Security   www.fusioncaraudio.com
Galaxy Audio   www.galaxyaudio.com
Goldwood Sound, Inc.   www.goldwoodsound.com
Guide-Sound Electronics Co., Ltd   www.guide-sound.com
Hafler   www.hafler.com
Hemp Acoustics   www.hempacoustics.com
Hertz   www.hertzaudiovideo.com
Hi-Vi Research   www.dulcet.com
Hifonics (Maxxsonics USA, Inc.)   www.maxxsonics.com/hifonics
Hiquphon   isa.dknet.dk/~hiquphon/
Hollywood Sound Labs   www.hollywoodsoundlabs.com
Huey Tung Electronic Co., Ltd.   www.hueytung.com.tw
Image Dynamics   www.imagedynamicsusa.net
Incriminator Audio   www.incriminatoraudio.com
Infinity Systems Inc.   www.infinitysystems.com
Interfire Audio, Inc.   www.interfireaudio.com
International Jensen Inc.   www.jensenaudio.com
Isophon Elektroakustische Produktion GmbH   www.isophon.de
Jantzen Audio Denmark   www.jantzen-audio.com
JBL / Harman Consumer Group   www.jbl.com
JBL Professional   www.jblpro.com
Jensen (Audiovox)   www.jensen.com
JL Audio Inc.   www.jlaudio.com
JVC Mobile Company of America   www.mobile.jvc.com
KEF Audio (UK) Ltd.   www.kef.com
Kenwood USA Corp.   www.kenwoodusa.com
Kicker   www.kicker.com
Kove Audio Corp.   www.koveaudio.com
L.A. Sound USA, Inc.   www.lasound.com
Lambda Acoustics Inc. (AE Speakers)   www.lambdacoustics.com
Lanzar Audio Inc.   www.lanzar.com
LaVoce Italiana   www.lavocespeakers.com
Lightning Audio   www.lightningaudio.com
Logic   www.d-s-t.com
Lowther   www.lowtherloudspeakers.co.uk
MA Audio   www.maaudio.com
Macrom Ltd.   www.vol.it/macrom
Madisound Speaker Components   www.madisound.com
Markaudio   www.markaudio.com
Massive Audio, Inc.   www.massiveaudio.com
Max Speakers   www.maxspeakers.com
MB Quart (Maxxsonics USA, Inc.)   www.mbquart.com
McBride Loudspeaker Source Ltd.   www.loudspeakers.ca
McCauley   www.mccauley.com
Memphis Car Audio   www.memphiscaraudio.com
MG Electronics   www.mgelectronics.com
Mivoc   www.mivoc.com
MMATS Professional Audio   www.mmatsproaudio.com
Monacor   www.monacor.de
Morel Ltd. (Israel)   www.morel.co.il
MSX Audio   www.msxaudio.com
MTX   www.mtxaudio.com
Mundorf EB GmbH   www.mundorf.com
NHT (Now Hear This)   www.nhthifi.com
North Creek Music Systems   www.northcreekmusic.com
Oberton Co.   www.oberton.com
Onkyo Corporation   www.onkyo.co.jp
Orion (Directed Electronics)   www.orioncaraudio.com
Oz Audio Corp.   www.ozaudio.com
P.Audio System Co., Ltd   www.paudiothailand.com
Panasonic   www.panasonic.com
Parts Express International, Inc.   www.parts-express.com
Peavey Electronics Corporation   www.peavey.com
Peerless (Denmark, Tymphany)   www.tymphany.com/peerless
Peerless Fabrikkerne Ltd. (India)   www.peerlessaudio.com
Phase Linear   www.phase-linear.com
PHL Audio   www.phlaudio.com
Phoenix Gold   www.phoenixgold.com
PHY-HP   www.phy-hp.com
Pioneer Electronics Inc.   www.pioneerelectronics.com
Planet Audio   www.planetaudiousa.com
Polk Audio   www.polkaudio.com
Power Acoustik Electronics   www.poweracoustik.com
Poweramper Technology Corporation   www.poweramper.com
PowerBase USA Inc.   www.powerbaseusa.com
Precision Devices   www.precision-devices.com
Precision Power   www.precisionpower.com
PRV Audio   www.prvaudio.com
Pyle Audio Corporation   www.pyleaudio.com
Pyramid Car Audio Inc.   www.pyramidcaraudio.com
Quantum Audio (DB Research LLP)   www.quantumaudio.net
Radian Audio Engineering, Inc.   www.radianaudio.com
Radio Shack   www.radioshack.com
Rainbow Audio Teile Team GmbH   www.rainbow-car-audio.com
Raven   www.orcadesign.com
Ravenmaster   www.mivoc.com
RCF S.p.A.   www.rcf.it
RCM akustik GmbH   www.rcmakustik.com
RE Audio (Resonant Engineering)   www.reaudio.com
Renaissance Audio Group (formerly Morel Acoustics USA)   www.renaudio.com
Rockford Fosgate Corp.   www.rockfordfosgate.com
SB Acoustics   www.sbacoustics.com
Scan-Speak A/S   www.scan-speak.dk
Seas Fabrikker AS   www.seas.no
Seismic Systems, Inc.   seismicsubs.com
Selenium Loudspeakers
    www.selenium.com.br (Portuguese)   www.seleniumloudspeakers.com (English)
Shenzhen Tekzone Loudspeaker Co., Ltd   www.tekzone-audio.com
Sinar Baja Electric   www.sibalec.com
Sistemi Unicars S.p.A.   www.sistemiunicars.com
SJA Industries   www.atomicloudspeaker.com
Skar Audio   www.skaraudio.com
SOAT Industries, Inc.   www.soat.com
Sonic Craft   www.soniccraft.com
Sony Electronics Inc.   www.sony.com
Sound Barrier   www.soundbarrier.com
Sound Solutions Audio   www.soundsolutionsaudio.com
Sound Splinter   www.soundsplinter.com
Sound Storm Laboratories   www.soundstormlab.com
Soundstream Technologies   www.soundstream.com
Speaker Place, Inc.   www.newfoam.com
SPL Dynamics (Flextron Oy)   www.spldynamics.fi
Stryke Audio   www.stryke.com
Sundown Audio   www.sundownaudio.com
Supravox   www.supravox.fr
Tannoy Ltd.   www.tannoy.com
TB Speakers (Tang Band)   www.tb-speaker.com
TC Sounds Inc.   www.tcsounds.com
Technical Audio Devices (TAD)   www.technicalaudiodevices.com
Tectonic Elements Ltd   www.tectonicelements.com
Thiel & Partner GmbH (Accuton)   www.thiel-partner.de
TIC Corporation   www.ticcorp.com
TOA Electronics, Inc.   www.toaelectronics.com
Tonsil   www.skleptonsil.pl
Treo Engineering   www.treoonline.com
Tymphany Corporation   www.tymphany.com
Ultimate Sound   www.ultimate-sound.com
USD Audio   www.usdaudio.com
Vifa (Tymphany)  - see Peerless and Tymphany
Viper Audio (Directed Electronics, Inc. / DEI Audio)   www.viper.com
Visaton GmbH & Co.   www.visaton.de
Volt Loudspeakers Ltd.   www.voltloudspeakers.co.uk
Wavecor Ltd.   www.wavecor.com
Xtant Technologies   www.xtant.com
Yamaha Corp. of America   www.yamaha.com
Zalytron Industries Corp.   www.zalytron.com

Audio Measurement Systems & Components

ACO Pacific, Inc. (Measurement Mics)   www.acopacific.com
Acoustisoft Inc. (RPlusD, ETF 5, Measurement Mic/Preamp)   www.acoustisoft.com
Allen & Heath (Realtime Analyzer Software)   www.allen-heath.com
AudioControl Industrial (Spectrum Analyzers)   www.audiocontrolindustrial.com
Audiomatica S.R.L. (CLIO, Measurement Mics)   www.audiomatica.com
audioTester   www.sumuller.de/audiotester
Audix Corporation (TM1 Measurement Mic)   www.audixusa.com
Audua, Inc. (Speaker Workshop)   www.speakerworkshop.com
Brüel & Kjær (wide range of Measurement Systems & Mics)   www.bk.dk
Dayton Audio (DATS, OmniMic, EMM-6, iMM-6, UMM-6)   www.daytonaudio.com
DRA Laboratories (MLSSA)   www.mlssa.com
Earthworks (Measurement Mics)   www.earthwks.com
Frye Electronics (Measurement Systems)   www.frye.com
Gold Line (TEF-25, Realtime Analyzers, Measurement Mics)   www.gold-line.com
Ivie Technologies, Inc. (Realtime Analyzers, Pink/White Noise Generators)
Josephson (Measurement Mics)   www.josephson.com
Klippel GmbH (Klippel Analyzer System)   www.klippel.de
Liberty Instruments, Inc. (PRAXIS, AudioPass, Audio DiffMaker)   www.libinst.com
LinearX Systems Inc. (LX500, LMS, pcRTA, RTAjr, Measurement Mics)
Listen Inc. (SoundCheck)   www.listeninc.com
Mission Technology (e-LAB)   mission-technology.com
Morset Sound Development (WinMLS)   www.winmls.com
Old Colony Sound Laboratory (Mitey Mike II, Turntables, Kits)
PAS (Measurement/EQ Software)   www.audio-software.com
Purebits (Sample Champion Light and Pro)   www.purebits.com
Rational Acoustics (Smaart 7, Smaart 7 Di, 10EaZy, RTA-420, EMX-7150)
Sage Technologies (SPL meters)   www.thesagesite.com
Sencore (Audio Analyzer)   www.sencore.com
Smith & Larson Audio (Woofer Tester 2, Woofer Tester Pro, Speaker Tester)
Sound Technology (Spectra Measurement Software)   www.soundtechnology.com
Visualization Software LLC (Spectrogram)   www.visualizationsoftware.com
Wayne Harris Enterprises (Term-LAB)   www.termpro.com

Educational Organizations

Syn-Aud-Con (Synergetic Audio Concepts, Inc.)   www.synaudcon.com

Professional Organizations

AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association)   www.aftermarket.org
AES (Audio Engineering Society)   www.aes.org
ASA (Acoustical Society of America)   www.acousticalsociety.org
CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association)   www.cedia.org
CEMA (Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association)   www.cemacity.org
EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance)   www.eia.org
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.)   www.ieee.org
MEMA (Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association)   www.mema.org
NAB (National Association of Broadcasters)   www.nab.org
NAMM (International Music Products Association)   www.namm.com
NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)   www.nfpa.org
NSCA (National Systems Contractors Association)   www.nsca.org
SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association)   www.sema.org
USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc.)   www.usitt.org

Trade Shows / Competitions

AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo)   www.aapexshow.com
AASA (Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association)
AES (Audio Engineering Society) Conventions   www.aes.org/events
CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) Expo   www.cedia.org
CES (Consumer Electronics Show)   www.cesweb.org
NAMM (International Music Products Association)   www.namm.com
NSCA (National Systems Contractors Association) Expo   www.nsca.org
SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show   www.semashow.com
Spring Break Nationals   www.springbreaknationals.com


AudioNova   www.audionova.nu
Best Speaker Parts   www.bestspeakerparts.com
CSA (Canadian Standards Association)   www.csa.ca
CSN (Church Sound Network)   www.jdbsound.com
Doctor ProAudio (Spanish language audio website)   www.doctorproaudio.com
Ekblad's Audio Links   www.audiogrid.com/arsl.html
MWA Speaker Parts, Inc. (speaker repair)   www.mwaspeakerparts.com
Pro Sound Web   www.prosoundweb.com
Simply Speakers (speaker repair)   www.simplyspeakers.com
Solen   www.solen.ca
The Speaker Exchange (speaker repair)   www.speakerex.com
UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.)   www.ul.com


FCC (Federal Communications Commission)   www.fcc.gov
OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)   www.osha.gov



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