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There are several ways to obtain support for Harris Tech software. One way is to review the Technical Notes for your product to see if a relevant topic has been posted to address your question or issue. Links to the Technical Notes index page for each product are listed below.

Another way to obtain support is to visit our Download page webpage and check to see if an update is available which addresses the issue you have. We also have a HT Driver Database Update webpage if all you need is our latest collection of driver parameters.

If your question or issue has not been addressed, then please contact our Tech Support Team via email at: . We try to respond within 2 business days and we often respond the same day if your message is received before 5:00 p.m. EST during a business day (excluding holidays). Important: If you do not receive a reply within 2 business days, it probably means that the spam filter of your mail program or internet service provider (ISP) has blocked our reply. You'll have to configure your filter to accept messages from our email address and domain. See the list in the sidebar at right for additional considerations.

Finally, don't overlook the support built into our software. Most of our programs have context-sensitive balloon help and an illustrated on-screen User Manual.

Technical Notes

The technical notes are grouped by product and each product has its own index listing the topics that have been addressed. Click on the appropriate link below for your product to view its index of technical notes:

Technical Note Index for BassBox 6 Pro
Technical Note Index for BassBox 6 Lite
Technical Note Index for X•over 3 Pro
Technical Note Index for the HT Typeface Collection
Technical Note Index for BassBox 5.1 and X•over 1.0-2.x
Woofer Tester 2 – Technical support is provided by the manufacturer Smith & Larson Audio. For support, please visit their FAQs page, on-line Forum and/or "Contact Us" page.
Technical Note Index for Eminence Designer 1 – This link will take you to the Technical Note Index of our Eminence Designer support website at www.eminencedesigner.com. It is similar to this site but it deals only with Eminence Designer.


Email guidelines
Please follow these email guidelines:

• Give your message a clear title on the subject line and include the name of the program in the title.
• Include your serial number near the top of the body of the message.
• Include your name.
• Please use English. We regret that we are unable to converse in other languages.


Email problems
If you don't receive a reply to your email within 2 business days, the following may have occurred:

• The spam filter of your mail program or ISP may have blocked our reply. Please insure that our email address and domain are not blocked by your spam filter(s).
• Your email account may be full and cannot accept any more messages until you delete some of the older ones.
• We may not have been able to read your message. We cannot accept large messages or messages with large attachments. Your message must be no more than 500 KB including all attachments.
• Your message may have never arrived. Some email systems are frequently flagged as sources of spam and blocked. This is common with some of the free email services. The solution is to resend your message using a different email account.

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