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HT Driver Database Update for BassBox 6 Pro and X•over 3 Pro

16,456 total drivers from 324 companies!
(15,430 open-back drivers and 1,026 sealed-back drivers.)

When available, we offer free downloadable driver database updates to licensed users of current versions of our BassBox Pro and X•over Pro speaker design software. These updates are only compatible with BassBox 6 Pro and X•over 3 Pro. They will not work with either BassBox 6 Lite, earlier versions of BassBox or Eminence Designer.

Driver database updates are intended only for users who have already installed BassBox Pro or X•over Pro. If you have not yet installed one or both of these programs, then you should install them using the original installation disc you received when you purchased a license for the program(s). If you have not yet purchased a license for BassBox Pro or X•over Pro, then please visit our Purchase page.

Please go to our BassBox Pro update page if you need to update your copy of BassBox 6 Pro and/or the X•over Pro update page if you need to update your copy of X•over 3 Pro.

Update Instructions

Installing a driver database update involves the following steps:

  1. Download the updater by clicking on the "DOWNLOAD" button at the top of the right column of this webpage and click on the "Save" button of the File Download dialog. Select a temporary location on your hard drive to store the download file. Important: Do not click on the "Run" button of the File Download dialog until after the file has been saved to your hard drive. This is because the updater cannot be run over the internet. It must be run from your computer.
  2. After the updater file has been successfully saved to your computer it is now okay to click on the "Run" button of the File Download dialog. Before doing so, make sure that neither BassBox Pro nor X•over Pro are running. Then click on the "Run" button to launch the updater in the file you just downloaded. If you don't want to run it right away, you can double-click on the file later.
  3. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista users: After the updater is launched, a system message will appear stating: "An unidentified program wants access to your computer". Make sure that "htdb0220.exe" is listed and then click on the "Allow" button. The Harris Tech driver database updater should now run.
  4. The updater will search your computer to find a compatible copy of either BassBox Pro or X•over Pro. It is normal for it to pause while it searches your computer's hard disk. The larger your hard drive, the longer it can take. An error message will appear if it cannot locate a compatible program. After a compatible copy of BassBox Pro or X•over Pro has been located, the updater will rename the previous copy of the database (the copy already on your computer) with the file name "xhtaudio.mdb". It does this so the previous copy will still be available in case you need to merge changes to the new database using the HT Merge utility. After the existing database file has been renamed, the updater will install the new database file, "htaudio.mdb".
  5. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista users: A few seconds after the updater has finished, another system message may appear stating "This program may not have installed correctly". As long as you did not receive an error message during the update, it should have been successful and you can click on the "This program installed correctly" button.

Notes: Your Windows user account will need "administrator" priviledges to run the updater. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista users: When you start the updater, you will be asked to confirm that you want to run the updater and, after it has completed, you will be asked to confirm that it functioned properly (described in Steps 3 and 5 above). You can determine this by running either BassBox Pro or X•over Pro and opening the driver database. When you hover the mouse pointer over the "Drivers Found" list, a pop-up box will appear listing the number of drivers in the database. The number should match the one at the top of this webpage. BassBox Pro will report only the open-back driver number because it can't see the sealed-back drivers. X•over Pro will report the total number.


Click here to begin the download.
Driver Database

file: htdb0220.exe
size: 5.3-5.4 MB

The above update will install the latest Harris Tech driver database for BassBox Pro and X•over Pro.


Driver Manufacturers
For a list of driver manufacturers and their websites click on the link below:

Driver Manufacturers

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