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BassBox Pro. vs BassBox Lite.
Which is "right" for you?

e offer our popular speaker box design program in a "Pro" and a "Lite" version. Three of the largest differences between the "Pro" and "Lite" versions are:

  1. BassBox Pro includes the world's largest driver database with the parameters for thousands of drivers. BassBox Lite does not include (nor can it use) the Harris Tech driver database. Instead, driver parameters are either entered manually or imported from an existing BassBox Lite or BassBox Pro speaker design file. Since designs can be saved and re-used, you only need to enter the driver parameters for a driver model once.
  2. BassBox Pro offers two graph modes which use one or more external graph windows to display the performance of a design. With BassBox Lite, the graphs are a permanent part of the main window (similar to older versions of BassBox). This allows BassBox Lite to "fit" better on notebook computers with low resolution displays (VGA or 640x480 pixels). However, many notebook computers now have XGA resolution (1024x768 pixels) and they can easily accommodate the Pro version. See the BassBox Pro and BassBox Lite pages on this website for pictures of the programs.
  3. The price of BassBox Lite is only $79 while BassBox Pro is $149 plus shipping & handling (U.S. dollars). If you do not need the large driver database and specialized features of the Pro version, you can save money and purchase the Lite version. The Lite version still has 85% of the features of the Pro version.

The remainder of this page will provide a detailed list of the features of both programs to help you evaluate which version will best serve your needs.

BassBox Pro and BassBox Lite Features:
Printed Manual   Pro only
On-Screen Manual   —both—
Design Wizard   Pro only
Box Types...
    Closed   —both—
    Vented   —both—
    Vented w/ active HP EQ filter   —both—
    Single-tuned Bandpass   —both—
    Parallel double-tuned Bandpass   —both—
    Series double-tuned Bandpass   —both—
    Passive Radiator   —both—
Suggest Box Volume   —both—
Suggest Vented Box Resonance  —both—
Vented Box Extended Bass   —both—
3-D Scaled Box Drawing   —both—
Box Shapes (single chamber)...
    Barrel   Pro only
    Cone   Pro only
    Cone, truncated   Pro only
    Cube   —both—
    Cylinder   —both—
    Cylinder, domed   Pro only
    Cylinder, truncated   Pro only
    Ellipse   Pro only
    Prism, square   —both—
    Prism, optimum square   —both—
    Prism, regular polygon   Pro only
    Prism, slanted front   —both—
    Prism, truncated edge   —both—
    Pyramid, four-sided   Pro only
    Pyramid, three-sided   Pro only
    Pyramid, truncated (trapezoid)   —both—
    Sphere   Pro only
    Wedge   —both—
Box Shapes (multi-chamber)...
    Cylinder, 2-chamber bandpass   —both—
    Cylinder, 3-chamber bandpass   —both—
    Prism, 2-chamber bandpass   —both—
    Prism, 3-chamber bandpass   —both—
Internal Box Dimensions   —both—
External Box Dimensions   —both—
2 Box Wall Thicknesses   —both—
Box Leakage Losses (QL)   —both—
Box Interior Acoustic Absorption (Qa & y)...
    None   —both—
    Minimal   —both—
    Typical   —both—
    Heavy   —both—
    Ignore ("classical" equations)   —both—
Multiple Vents   —both—
Vent Cross-section Shapes...
    Round   —both—
    Rectangle (and square)   —both—
    Other (any shape)   —both—
Vent End Correction   —both—
Vent End Type...
    One flush end   —both—
    Two flush ends   —both—
    No flush ends   —both—
    One flared end   —both—
    Two flared ends   —both—
Vent "Pipe" Resonance   —both—
Vent Losses (QLv)   —both—
Multiple Passive Radiators   —both—
Passive Radiator Test Procedure   —both—
Interior Box Displacement Volumes...
    Automatic driver volume   —both—
    Manual driver volume   Pro only
    Automatic vent volume   —both—
    Manual vent volume   Pro only
    Brace volume   Pro only
Driver Mounting...
    Front   Pro only
    Flush   Pro only
    Rear   Pro only
    Multi-driver aim setting   Pro only
Vent Wall Thickness setting   Pro only
Box Parts List   —both—
2-D Scaled Box Part Drawings   —both—
Box Parts Dimensions   —both—
Cut Angles   —both—
Driver Thiele-Small Parameters   —both—
Driver Electromechanical Parameters   —both—
Driver Parameter "Expert" Mode   —both—
Driver Parameter Status Indicators   —both—
"Net" Parameters for multiple drivers   —both—
Driver Database   Pro only
Driver Database Search Capability...
    by Company name   Pro only
    by Model name   Pro only
    by Parameters   Pro only
    by Box (closed or vented only)   Pro only
Driver Database Edit Options...
    Add, edit, delete companies   Pro only
    Add, edit, delete drivers   Pro only
    Compact database   Pro only
    Repair database   Pro only
Multi-driver Mechanical Settings...
    Standard   —both—
    Compound (isobaric)   —both—
    Bessel   —both—
    Push-pull   —both—
    Coherent / Not Coherent   —both—
Multi-driver Electrical Settings...
    Parallel   —both—
    Series   —both—
    Series-Parallel   —both—
    Separate   —both—
Dual Voice Coils   —both—
Dual Voice Coil Wiring Options...
    Separate   —both—
    Parallel   —both—
    Series   —both—
Driver Q Estimator   —both—
Driver Le Estimator   —both—
Driver Outer Shapes...
    Round   —both—
    Round w/ square sides   —both—
    Round w/ flat top & bottom   —both—
    Round w/ mounting tabs   —both—
    Pincushion   —both—
    Oval   —both—
    Square   —both—
    Rectangular   —both—
Driver Piston Types...
    Cone   —both—
    Planar (flat)   —both—
    Concave   —both—
    Convex   —both—
Driver Acoustic Response...
    Frequency data points   Pro only
    Import frequency-domain data   Pro only
External Series Resistance   —both—
External Passive Network   Pro only
Import X•over Pro Passive Network   Pro only
Driver Test Procedure   Pro only
Acoustical Environment Support   —both—
Architectural Acoustic Response...
    Frequency data points   Pro only
    Import frequency-domain data   Pro only
    3, 6, 12 dB/octave boost filter   —both—
    3, 6, 12 dB/octave shelf filter   —both—
Automotive Acoustic Response...
    Frequency data points   Pro only
    Import frequency-domain data   Pro only
    12 dB/octave boost filter   —both—
User Interface...
    English, metric and mixed units   —both—
    Modular design   —both—
    Tab interface   —both—
    "Real time" calculations   —both—
    Number of designs that can be open
        at same time:  Pro = 10, Lite = 4
    Combination Graph window   Pro only
    Individual Graph windows   Pro only
    Graphs are part of the main window   Lite only
    Floating Graph Properties window   Pro only
    Mini Preview Graphs   —both—
    Resizable main window   Pro only
    Fixed-size main window   Lite only
    Driver Properties window   Pro only
    Box Properties window   Pro only
    Design Properties window   Lite only
    Room / Car Acoustics window   —both—
    Balloon Help   —both—
    Status bar in main window   —both—
    User preference settings   —both—
    Keyboard shortcuts   —both—
    Normalized Amplitude Response   —both—
    Custom Amplitude Response   —both—
    Maximum Acoustic Power   —both—
    Maximum Electric Input Power   —both—
    Cone Displacement   —both—
    Vent Air Velocity   —both—
    System Impedance Response   —both—
    Phase Response   —both—
    Group Delay   —both—
Graph Options...
    7 graph memories   —both—
    Auto-open   Pro only
    10 standard plot colors   —both—
    2 custom plot colors   —both—
    Grid darkness   —both—
    Overlaid plot lines   —both—
    Cursor   —both—
    Expanded vertical scale   —both—
    5 Hz to 2 kHz   —both—
    5 Hz to 20 kHz   —both—
    Large graph size   Pro only
    Include options...
        Driver acoustic response   Pro only
        Vent resonance peaks   —both—
        Acoustical environment   —both—
        External network response   Pro only
        On-axis piston band   Pro only
        Diffraction response shelf   Pro only
    Copy graph to Windows clipboard   —both—
Print Options...
    Title block   —both—
    Import logo for title block   —both—
    Box properties   —both—
    Driver Properties   —both—
    Overall box dimensions & drawing   —both—
    Box parts list & parts drawing   —both—
    English fraction scale   —both—
    Wiring diagram   —both—
    External circuit components   Pro only
    Selected performance graphs   —both—
    2 printed graph size options   —both—
Wavelength Calculator Tool   Pro only
Required Hard Disk Space (Mbytes)...
    Minimum installation:  Pro = 25, Lite = 17
    Full installation:  Pro = 36, Lite = 23


how to purchase BassBox Pro and BassBox Lite are available from one of our distributors or directly from us. Click the purchase button above for information, including special package deals.

driver database update Latest driver database update: 19-Nov-09.

BassBox update Latest BassBox Pro maintenance release:
  6.0.23  10-Nov-2013.
Latest BassBox Lite maintenance release:
  6.0.11  29-Jan-2013.

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