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Technical Note 03
"Invalid Property Value" Error Message

On rare occasions an "invalid property value" has been reported when: 1) loading a driver from the database, or 2) manually entering driver parameters using either the full or minimum loudspeaker parameters window. The error seems to occur at the point where BassBox tries to display the driver data in the texts fields of the main window. After the error message is closed, the program ends and returns the user to Windows.

Common Explanations and Remedies
The two most likely explanations are: 1) The "Arial" TrueType font is not installed, or 2) If an old version of Windows is being used (such as Windows 3.1) then TrueType fonts are not turned on.

It is easy to check whether either of these conditions is true. Open the Windows Control Panel and run the "Fonts" control panel program. Check the list of fonts in the Fonts window to see if Arial is listed. You should see "Arial", "Arial Bold", "Arial Bold Italic" and "Arial Italic". The Arial font must be installed if it is not listed. This font is a standard font, supplied by Microsoft, that is normally shipped with every copy of Windows. You may have to consult your Windows documentation or the company from which you purchased Windows (or your computer) for further assistance.

To check whether TrueType fonts are enabled on an old version of Windows like version 3.1, click on the "TrueType..." button in the Fonts window. The "Enable TrueType Fonts" should be checked (turned on). If it is not, turn it on by clicking it. Windows will need to be restarted before changes are implemented.

Uncommon Explanations and Remedies for Old Versions of Windows (like 3.1)
Two less common explanations are: 1) An incompatible Windows video or printer driver is installed, or 2) The video driver, a printer driver or a Windows application has altered the Arial font. A once popular illustration program, Corel Draw, was known in the past to cause this latter problem.

It is easy to eliminate the user’s Windows video driver as the source of the problem by switching to the standard VGA driver that shipped with Windows. (Any of the VESA drivers included with Windows for Workgroups can also be substituted.) This is accomplished by running the Windows setup program and selecting the standard VGA driver. This driver is very stable. If the problem goes away when this driver is selected, then you can safely assume that the problem is an incompatibility between the video driver and Microsoft’s Visual Basic 3.0 language (which was used to create BassBox). Please contact the manufacturer of the video controller for an updated driver.

If switching to a standard VGA driver did not correct the problem, remove all printer drivers and add a standard Hewlett Packard LaserJet printer driver. Use the "Printers" control panel program in the Windows Control Panel to make these changes. If this solves the problem, you can add back the previous printer drivers one at a time to identify which one is the culprit.

Finally, remove the Arial font (Arial, Arial Bold, Arial Bold Italic and Arial Italic) from the system, allowing the font to be deleted from your hard disk. This is accomplished with the "Fonts" control panel program in the Windows Control Panel. Then reinstall the Arial font from the original Windows installation disks. This will ensure that the computer has an unaltered copy of Arial installed in the system.


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