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Technical Notes for BassBox 6 Lite

Please select a topic from the index of technical notes below. Newer topics are located at the end of the list. If your question is not addressed by these topics, then please contact our technical support team via email at: .


---  Free BassBox 6 Lite maintenance release.
01  A list of system files installed by the setup program.
02  How to manually start the setup program.
03  The computer can't read the BassBox Lite CD-R disc.
04  BassBox 6 Lite disappears or will no longer run.
05  How to manually remove BassBox 6 Lite.
07  How to change units.
08  Designing a "trapezoid" box.
09  Minimum driver parameters.
10  How to force BassBox 6 Lite to model closed boxes like other programs.
11  Controlling graph plot line overlay.
12  Can BassBox 6 Lite use the driver database from BassBox 6 Pro?
16  Vent design tradeoffs: Turbulence vs. Fit vs. Resonance.
17  Missing driver parameters in printouts.
18  "Alignments" and BassBox 6 Lite.
19  Can the main window and graph of BassBox 6 Lite be resized?
20  Installation Error: 16-bit Windows Subsystem.
21  Windows 7 and Vista compatibility.
22  Windows 7 and Vista Installation Instructions.
23  The First Time BassBox 6 Pro, BassBox 6 Lite and X•over 3 Pro are Run.
24  Overcoming Problems Under Microsoft Windows.
26  When the Installer or Updater won't start.
27  Windows 10 and 11 Installation Instructions.
28  Trojan Virus Ludicrouz.M Warning or Vanishing BassBox 6 Pro.
29  Error 432 / unInstallShield in use.

More to come as support issues arise...  Note: The reason why a few numbers were skipped in the technical note index is because some technical notes are shared with other programs. Therefore they couldn't be renumbered here.


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