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Technical Notes for BassBox 5.1 and X•over 2.x

IMPORTANT: BassBox 5.1 and X•over 2.0-2.1 have not been available for many years. They were replaced by BassBox 6 Pro and X•over 3 Pro. However, just because these old versions are no longer available does not mean that they are now in the public domain. They are not. Nor are they "freeware" or "shareware". They are still the copyrighted property of Harris Technologies, Inc., and we reserve all rights. We offer discounted prices to all licensed users who wish to upgrade to the current versions. The current upgrade prices are posted on our Upgrade page. Please contact our Sales Department at with your serial number to purchase an upgrade.

We will continue to provide limited technical support for BassBox 5.1 and X•over 2.1 while we are able. Please select a topic from the index below.


01  The BassBox 5.1 and X•over 2.1 installation process.
02  How large system fonts affect BassBox 5.1 and X•over 2.x.
03  "Invalid property value" error message.
04  "Share.exe" error message.
05  Holes appear in a window or the Band-Pass window crashes.
06  "Out of memory" error message.
07  "Invalid file format" error message.
08  "Threed.vbx" error message.
09  How to remove BassBox 5.1 and/or X•over 2.x.



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