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Technical Note 04
"Share.exe" Error Message

This topic addresses a problem that prevents the loudspeaker database from being edited under old versions of Windows (3.1). An error message is reported indicating that share.exe is not loaded or cannot be found.

Share.exe is a Microsoft DOS TSR (terminal and stay resident) program that allows more than one program (or user) to access the same file in a multi-user or networked environment. Sometimes share.exe is necessary even in a single user environment as is the case with Access 2.0 databases like the one in BassBox. Share.exe is also required for OLE (object linking and embedding).

Note: Many old Microsoft applications for Windows, including the programs in the Microsoft Office, will automatically add a line to the autoexec.bat file during their installation process to cause share.exe to automatically load each time the computer is turned on.

Manually Loading SHARE.EXE
Since share.exe is a part of DOS, it is usually located in the DOS directory. On a typical hard drive the path would be: "c:\dos".

To run share.exe, first exit Windows. Then change to the DOS directory and type: share[Enter]. That’s all there is to it! Run Windows again, and you should be able to edit the loudspeaker database.

Automatically Loading SHARE.EXE
To cause share.exe to automatically load each time the computer is turned on, add an appropriate line to the end of the autoexec.bat file such as: c:\dos\share.exe. This can be done with a text editor like the Windows Notepad program. Please refer to your DOS User’s Guide for additional information about share.exe.

When SHARE.EXE is Not Needed
Windows for Workgroups 3.11 does not need share.exe because it uses a Windows driver named vshare.386. Some single-user versions of Windows 3.1 also use vshare.386. To find out whether a system is configured to use it, open and search the system.ini file (in the Windows directory) for the line "device=vshare.386" in the [386Enh] section. You do not need to load share.exe if vshare.386 is being used.


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