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Technical Note 07
"Invalid File Format" Error Message

On some computer systems BassBox is not able to run. When the program is run, the BassBox title window appears followed by an "invalid file format" message. After clicking the OK button, the program terminates. This problem seems to be caused by an incompatible version of msgblast.vbx, a Visual Basic extension file that is required by BassBox.

Solving the Problem
To correct the problem, all existing copies of msgblast.vbx should be found and renamed so they are no longer used by the operating system. You should find one copy in the Windows\System subdirectory. Rename the existing copies by simply changing the last letter of their name to a "z" such as "msgblast.vbz".

After all existing copies of msgblast.vbx have been renamed, reinstall BassBox from the original installation disks. The setup program should place a fresh copy of msgblast.vbx (date: 11/2/94, size: 30,448) into your Windows\System subdirectory and BassBox should run okay.

Note: After performing the above steps, you should have two or more copies of the msgblast extension in your computer—the original copy (or copies) which you renamed msgblast.vbz and which is (are) no longer being used and the BassBox copy which is being used. If for any reason you ever need to restore one of your original copies, you can do so by renaming it back to its original name after first changing the name of the BassBox copy.


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