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Technical Note 08
"Threed.vbx" Error Message

Some users have reported receiving an error message that states "threed.vbx" is an old version or is out of date. BassBox will not run with older versions of threed.vbx, a Visual Basic extension that controls three-dimensional buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons and panels. Harris Tech supplies a copy with a 7-16-93 date as a part of the setup process.

Threed.vbx Files with Newer Dates
It seems that an older version of threed.vbx with an erroneous date of 11-22-93 is in circulation. This can cause problems during installation of BassBox because the setup program tries to avoid installing an older copy of a file when it sees one with a more recent date is already on the hard drive. However, BassBox is not fooled because it ignores the date stamp of threed.vbx and looks inside for a version code which identifies whether a file is indeed the correct version.

Older Threed.vbx Files in the Windows Directory
The BassBox setup program (and most well-behaved setup programs) install system files like DLL and VBX files into the Windows\System subdirectory. Unfortunately some setup programs are not so well behaved and they install system files into the Windows subdirectory, itself. This can result in duplicate files. For example one program may install a copy of threed.vbx into the Windows subdirectory while the BassBox setup program installs a copy of threed.vbx into the Windows\System subdirectory. When this happens Windows usually sees the copy in the Windows subdirectory and not the Windows\System subdirectory. If the copy in the Windows subdirectory is older, BassBox may not run.

Solving the Problem
The best way to correct either of these problems it to: First, search for all copies of threed.vbx and either rename them or move them to a temporary subdirectory that is not listed in your computer's path statement. You can rename them by simply changing the last letter of their name to a "z" such as "threed.vbz". Be especially careful to remove all copies from the Windows and Windows\System subdirectories. Note: We do not recommend that you delete older copies of threed.vbx in case you have an older program that needs one of them. By renaming them, you can restore them again later if you need to. However, this is very unlikely.

Finally, reinstall BassBox. You should now have the 7-16-93 copy of threed.vbx in the Windows\System subdirectory and BassBox should run okay.


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