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Technical Note 09
How to Remove BassBox 5.1 and/or X•over 2.x

Use the following procedure to remove BassBox and/or X•over and their associated files from your computer:

  1. Delete the program folder (Harris), associated subfolders (Harris\Acoustic and Harris\Designs) and all files in them.
  2. BassBox: Delete the files bbx510.hlp and bbx51.ini from the Windows folder.
    X•over: Delete the file xo21.ini from the Windows folder.
  3. Delete the Harris Tech program group from the Program Manager. This can be accomplished by selecting it while it is minimized to an icon and pressing the [Delete] key.
  4. Important: Skip this last step if you are unsure whether or not you have other Visual Basic programs in your computer. Some of the Visual Basic system files used by BassBox and X•over may also be required by other programs. If you are sure that these system files are not used by other programs, delete the following files from your Windows\System folder: commdlg.dll, msaes110.dll, msajt112.dll, msajt200.dll, vbdb300.dll, vbrun300.dll, cmdialog.vbx, msgblast.vbx and threed.vbx. Note: X•over does not use msaes110.dll, msajt112.dll, msajt200.dll and vbdb300.dll.

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