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Technical Note 03
Why Won't Some Characters Appear?

The HT Typeface Collection consists of four symbol font sets: HT Audio Stuff, HT Microphones, HT Schematic and HT Speakers. The collection ships with a printed Character Map to show how the individual characters of each font set are mapped onto a standard English keyboard so you'll know what key or key combination to press to get a desired character. Sometimes the desired character does not appear. Why?

The cause often lies with the keyboard, itself. Some keyboards allow the user to change the function of the keys. This is very common with laptop and notebook computers. Because their keyboards are small and lack a number keypad, they often provide special modes where some of the keys are transformed to do other functions like serve as a numeric keypad, etc.

The solution to the missing character problem is to configure the keyboard so the keys function like a normal keyboard. Then you should be able to access the missing characters of the font. If you don't have the documentation for your keyboard, then a bit of experimentation may be required to determine the combination of Num Lock and Fn keys that will work.


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